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etherdrivers (Solaris drivers for ADMtek & Macronix based chips) 1.0.8
These drivers are integrated in OpenSolaris Express Community Edition build 73. You do not need to download them from here if you are using a recent version of OpenSolaris.

These are device drivers for various commodity PCI ethernet controllers. Please see the supported device list for the list of currently supported chips and cards.

I'm making these drivers freely available under the terms of a BSD-style license. I would very much like to hear from you if you download this driver or test it out. You can find me at

The driver is tested on Solaris 8, 9, and 10 and OpenSolaris for Intel, AMD and SPARC platforms, but it will also function properly on Solaris 7 on Intel. (It must be compiled on Solaris 8 or newer however, due to some missing macros for IPv6 support.)

Davicom chips on SPARC: Apparently Sun ships a package (SUNWdmfe) on recent Solaris 8 Updates which supports at least some chips from Davicom. This package only supports Solaris 8 running in 64-bit mode on UltraSPARC based machines. Apparently the very low-end Sun Netra-X1 server uses a Davicom chip on the motherboard. I don't have any Davicom-based cards, so I am unable to verify what level of compatibility actually exists.

There are also some other sources of free ethernet drivers. Here they are:

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