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This is kernel software. Installing this software may put undue risk to your system. Give due consideration, and read the README file in the distribution before proceeding.

Latest Production Release

etherdrivers 1.0.8 (i386/amd64 binaries) (sparc binaries) (source)

Driver for ADMtek Comet and Centaur chips, including Accton EN5251, and Macronix 98715 and 98713 families, including Lite-On PNIC-II

Latest Alpha Release

No alpha release available at this time.

Latest Beta Release

No alpha release available at this time.

Older Releases

If you want to download an older release, you can find them in this directory. Note that some of the older stuff is pretty buggy -- I do not recommend actually trying to run anything but the latest versions I've posted here, but it might be interesting to follow the changes.

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