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Vendor Product Technology Driver Tested? Notes
3Com 3C910-A01 ASIC afe Yes 3Com branded Centaur. Identifies as 3CSOHO100B-TX.
3Com 3CSOHO100B-TX PCI afe Yes Marketed as 3Com OfficeConnect 10/100.
3M VOL-N100VF+TX PCI afe Yes UTP port only, fiber support in progress (3M has prototype with fiber support.)
ADMtek ADM9511 ASIC afe No Centaur-II & winmodem multifunction. Modem not supported.
ADMtek ADM9513 ASIC afe No Centaur-II & modem multifunction. Modem not supported.
ADMtek AL981 ASIC afe No Comet.
ADMtek AN983 ASIC afe Yes Centaur-P (PCI variant) ASIC.
ADMtek AN983B ASIC afe Yes Updated Centaur-P (PCI).
ADMtek AN983B Eval Board PCI afe Yes  
ADMtek AN985 ASIC afe Yes Centaur-C (Cardbus).
AboCom FE2500 Cardbus afe No  
AboCom FE2500MX Cardbus afe No  
AboCom PCM200 Cardbus afe No  
Accton EN1207F PCI afe Yes Tested by Accton.
Accton EN2242 miniPCI afe Yes Tested by Accton.
Accton EN5251 ASIC afe Yes Relabeled Centaur.
Buffalo LGY-PCI-TXL PCI mxfe No  
CNet PRO120 PCI mxfe No  
Fujitsu-Siemens Mainboard D1961 Onboard afe Yes  
Hawking PN672TX Cardbus afe No  
Hewlett-Packard OmniBook XE3 Onboard afe Yes  
Kingston KNE111TX PCI mxfe Yes  
Linksys LNE100TX v2.0 PCI mxfe Yes  
Linksys LNE100TX v4.0 PCI afe Yes  
Linksys LNE100TX v4.1 PCI afe Yes  
Linksys LNE100TX v5.0 PCI afe Yes  
Linksys LNE100TX v5.1 PCI afe Yes  
Linksys Network Everywhere NC100 v2.1 PCI afe Yes  
Linksys PCM200 Cardbus afe Yes  
Linksys PCMPC200 Cardbus afe Yes  
Lite-On LC82C115 ASIC mxfe Yes PNIC-II.
Macronix MX98713 ASIC mxfe No Older PMAC part.
Macronix MX98715 ASIC mxfe Yes MX98715A, AEC, and B variant ASICs.
Macronix MX98725 ASIC mxfe No MX98725.
Microsoft MN-120 Cardbus afe No  
Netgear FA511 Cardbus afe No  
Planex FNW-9802-T PCI afe Yes May be misreported as an EN2242.
SMC SMC1244TX PCI afe Yes  
SMC SMC1255TX PCI afe Yes  
Siemens SpeedStream PCI 10/100 PCI afe Yes  
U.S. Robotics USR997900 PCI afe Yes Single LED model (7900-00) only.

If your product isn't listed here but works, please be sure to send me make and model along with the output from etherdiag -v.

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